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Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

C-Byte™ High-Speed Flex Compression System

C-Byte Compression Connector System • C-Byte™ Product Specifications

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High-speed flex circuit connector system for solderless termination to circuit boards. A gold-plated stamped contact system guarantees reliability and low system cost.

Flex circuit connectors are a progressive solution to high-speed, high-density interconnection challenges. Amphenol InterCon has developed the patented C-Byte™ flex compression connector system, to substantially increase interconnection speed, reduce cost, and eliminate the soldering of mating connectors to circuit boards.

The C-Byte™ connector system uses preformed brass contacts that are gold over nickel plated. The contacts are microminiature (.018" square) and are terminated to flex circuit pads to create a .050" center contact array in as many as six rows. The contacts are mass terminated to flex circuitry for low system cost.

A molded thermoplastic housing provides mechanical support and a compression mat exerts individual contact normal force when the connector is terminated to a circuit board. When terminated, a C-Byte™ flex ground plane is separated from its mating board ground plane by only a .010 inch contact height, for exceptional signal integrity.

C-Byte™ contacts feature a redundant four-point contact system for superior system reliability. The four-point contact design overcomes interface contamination to create a reliable, rugged system interconnection. Durability testing of connectors and mating circuit boards indicates no interface degradation through 250 mating cycles.

Standard C-Byte™ connectors are configured in double-ended flex assemblies and high-speed stacking systems. With C-Byte™ stacking connectors, variable board stack heights can be readily achieved by varying housing height and flex length.

The Amphenol InterCon C-Byte™ flex compression system combines high-signal integrity, solderless connector termination, and low cost in versatile board mating configurations. Contact us for assistance in standard or custom designs.