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Long Travel cStack

XCede - Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

Cable speeds exceeding 10gps


For over 20 years, Amphenol InterCon Systems has led the industry in the development and manufacturing of high-performance interconnection systems. Using a world-class set of mechanical and electrical development tools, we can bring innovative solutions to difficult application problems.

Development Capabilities:

Electrical modeling: Simulation tools include Ansoft 2D and 3D extractors and HFSS field solver. Ansoft packages are also used for circuit simulation and SPICE modeling. Test and measurement capabilities include impedance, prop delay, skew, rise time degradation, crosstalk / coupled noise, and eye pattern analysis.

Mechanical modeling: Full linear and non-linear mechanical simulation is performed using Cosmos-based systems.

Broad process capabilities: The company has developed a broad range of reliable, cost-effective process capabilities, from automatic assembly to laser welding and cable preparation to surface- and through-mount solder termination.

Industry-leading technical support: Amphenol InterCon technologists have been instrumental in the development of high-reliability interconnection systems for end products ranging from intravenous medical electronic systems to supercomputer systems for over 20 years.

Simulation Output and Model

• Automated connector assembly, testing, and packaging
• Laser stripping and welding of miniature cables
• Mass termination of connectors to cables, flex circuits and circuit boards via wave solder, IR reflow and hot bar reflow solder
• Hand Solder
• Hot rebar flow solder
• Resistance weld
• Automated resistance weld
• Arc weld
• Automated laser weld
• Precision insert molding
• CNC Machining
• Mechanical cone & other strip
• Automated cut/strip
• Laser strip
• Skew match (test & trim where needed)