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Long Travel cStack

XCede - Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

Company Profile

Since our founding in 1985, Amphenol InterCon Systemshas been advancing the state of electronic connector systems. Amphenol InterCon is a technology division of the Amphenol Corporation, a market leader in the supply of interconnection systems worldwide.

Amphenol InterCon products support a broad range of industries, including data processing, telecommunications, avionics, consumer electronics, test and instrumentation, and medical electronics.

Chengdu Assembly Capabilities

•Sophisticated mechanical and electrical development capabilities for technology-enabling next-generation interconnection products.
•Full mechanical and electrical simulation of connectors and high speed assemblies.
•Electrical and mechanical test labs for product verification and product monitoring.
•A full in-house model shop, for fast prototype verification.

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Company News & Information

Amphenol Acquisition

On April 12, 2005, InterCon Systems joined Amphenol Corporation, a world leader in interconnection system design and production. Since that date, InterCon has operated as Amphenol InterCon Systems (AIS), a technology division in Amphenol’s IT and Communications Products Group. InterCon’s innovative high-density, high-speed interconnection technologies propel Amphenol’s global market leadership in interconnection products.

Amphenol TCS
Intercon is partnering with Amphenol TCS to develop high speed cable solutions using TCS Xcede and UHDM connection technologies.

China and Taiwan Distribution

Jetronic Corporation, a leading distributor of electronic components in China and Taiwan, is now the exclusive distributor of Amphenol InterCon Systems products in those countries.

cLGA Socket Product Info

Complete technical and product information for this product is available at