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Long Travel cStack

XCede - Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

Flex Circuit Assembly System

Flex Circuit Assembly System

Broad collection of controlled impedance flex circuit assemblies. Amphenol InterCon applications support initial flex design through customized hardware design, for total system solutions.

We customize Amphenol InterCon flex circuit assemblies, from customer specifications, to create a wide array of interconnect solutions. The products serve the data processing, telecommunications, portable electronics, and instrumentation markets. Final assembly design is completed with innovative strain relief and hardware features for total system solutions. The finished product is rugged, reliable, and electronically and mechanically tailored to meet system requirements.

We build Amphenol InterCon flex assemblies using a variety of flex constructions, including microstrip and strip line geometries. The connectors used for flex termination include a large array of products made by Amphenol InterCon, including two-piece InterCon50™ and InterCon1mm™ connectors, as well as C-Byte™ compression connectors and cStack™ stacking connectors.

To shorten development cycles and guarantee precise electrical performance, Amphenol InterCon signal integrity engineers create electrical product models prior to manufacturing. Simulations range from impedance simulation to full spice models of assemblies.

To insure process control and minimize manufacturing cost, we use automated solder reflow and wave soldering processes. Both surface and through mount connectors are routinely terminated. All flex assemblies are 100% electrical tested prior to shipment.

A wide assortment of assembly hardware is available, including ejector and latch systems and proven strain-relief technologies for superior systems reliability. New customized hardware solutions are developed frequently, as required.

Finished assemblies are typically packaged in custom anti-static thermoformed trays to guarantee product integrity. Contact Amphenol InterCon for system solutions to your flex assembly needs.