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XCede - Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

InterCon50™and InterCon1mm™ Two-Piece Connector Systems

InterCon .050" CL System • InterCon50™ Application and Product Info

• InterCon1mm™ Application and Product Info

The Industry’s Most Complete Two-Piece Connector System

The InterCon50™ and InterCon1mm™ two-piece connector systems include board connectors, cable assemblies, and flex assemblies. With the options of cable assembly and flex assembly products, the InterCon50 and InterCon1mm systems are the industry’s most complete two-piece systems. These high-density connectors and assemblies can be found in a wide range of applications including portable electronics, desktop computers, workstations, supercomputers, and medical electronic products.

Our standard 1mm x 1.25mm connectors meet most parallel and perpendicular board to board applications. Surface mount, through mount, and straddle mount product options are available as part of the standard product offering.