Amphenol InterCon Features

Long Travel cStack

XCede - Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

Medical Electronic Products
Medical Processing Capabilities

Medical Electronic Products • Additional Medical Product/Process Info

• Medical Processing Capabilities

Medical Electronics Products

Medical Electronics Products

Medical Electronics Products

• 30 AWG - 48 AWG (.00124" diam.) cable termination.
• Termination options to flex circuits, circuit boards, or direct to connectors.
• Laser and mechanical stripping of wire and cable.
• Laser welding, resistance welding.
• Micro point to point soldering and hot bar mass reflow soldering.
• Wave solder or reflow solder to surface mount components.
• Termination to micro coax, twisted pairs, micro ribbons (.004" centerline min.).
• Encapsulation with Class VI epoxy to seal termination area.
• ESD controls as needed.
• Insert molded strain relief design and build.
• In house tooling and model shop to meet aggressive product and process needs.
• Typical cable insulation potions: PFA, FEP, ETFE, Polymide, and Polyeurathane.
• Application engineering and design assistance available.


• 2x5 - 2x50 .050" and 1mm" centerline InterCon connectors.
• Custom connector and overmolded strain relief design and build to meet specific needs.
• Termination to standard medical I/O cable connectors.
• High temperature thermoplastics.