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Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

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High-density, high-speed, high-reliability medical electronics systems. Amphenol InterCon provides advanced mechanicals, from intravascular thermocouple systems and thermistors to high-speed cable assemblies.

Amphenol InterCon Systems offers a complete ultra miniature interconnection package to the medical industry, which includes both connectors and assemblies. Expertise in wire management and fine wire termination to connectors, flex circuits, and circuit boards allows us to meet the shifting demands of the medical marketplace. We currently terminate coax and micro miniature ribbon cables using wires as small as 46 AWG (.0015) on .0045 centerlines. These ultra miniature assemblies are often required by catheter and ultrasound manufacturers.

Amphenol InterCon Systems also offers welded termination of 44 AWG and larger type T, K, or E thermocouple cables. Micro thermistor termination is also part of our standard product offering.

The total interconnection offering also includes InterCon .050 and 1mm connector products, as outlined in catalogs 98010 and 98015. We provide assemblies terminated to Amphenol InterCon connectors as well as to circular connectors that are often used in external cables. High-performance assemblies are also available for high-speed signal integrity requirements. Custom and standard overloaded strain reliefs are available to help provide rugged assemblies that meet long-term reliability requirements.

All products are available from prototypes through high-volume production. We continuously provide reliable and cost-effective solutions, to meet the demands of high-volume interconnection systems in the disposable device marketplace.


• Standard interconnection technologies to meet the needs of catheter and ultrasound manufactures.
• Ultra miniature wire and cable termination expertise.
• Termination options to micro ribbon, micro coax, high speed cables, and flex circuits.
• Welded thermocouples for enhanced performance.
• Micro miniature thermistor assembly.
• Full integration of interconnect into overall design.
• Engineering modeling and design assistance.
• Complete testing capabilities to meet application needs.
• High density standard and custom connector products.
• Amphenol InterCon connector products are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
• Amphenol InterCon connector products are certified by Canadian Standards Association.