Amphenol InterCon Features

Long Travel cStack

XCede - Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

Cable speeds exceeding 10gps


cGLA Socket System

cLGA® Socket System: Gold over nickel plated beryllium copper spring land grid array socket system. Standard and custom sockets are available. Also available are low profile board and flex stacking connectors.

C-Byte Compression Connector

C-Byte™ Compression Connector: High-speed flex circuit connector system for solderless termination to circuit boards. A gold-plated stamped contact system guarantees reliability and low system cost.

VHDM Cable and Flex Assembly Sytem

VHDM Cable and Flex Assembly System: VHDM Cable and Flex Assemblies are the assembly complements to Amphenol's broad VHDM backplane product family.

InterCon50 and InterCon1mm Two-Piece Connector Systems

InterCon50 and InterCon1mm Two-Piece Connector Systems: A broad range of surface, through, and straddle mountable connectors mate in board-to-board, cable-to-board, and flex-to-board configurations.

High Speed Cable Assembly

High-Speed Cable Assembly System: Wide array of standard and custom high-speed, high density cable assembly products - coax, twinax, twisted pair, and controlled impedance ribbon cable are used to create tailored interconnect solutions to high speed, high density applications.

Flex Circuit Assembly System

Flex Circuit Assembly System: Broad portfolio of controlled impedance flex circuit assemblies. Amphenol InterCon application support ranges from initial flex design through customized hardware design for total system solutions.

Medical Electronic Products

Medical Electronic Products: High density, high speed, high reliability medical electronics systems. Amphenol InterCon process and product technologies allow medical products ranging from intravascular thermocouple and thermistors to high speed cable assemblies.

Custom Interconnection Systems

Custom Interconnection Systems: Custom Interconnection systems.