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XCede - Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

Cable speeds exceeding 10gps

VHDM Cable and XCede® Flex Assembly System

VHDM Cable and Flex Assembly System • VHDM® Product Specs

• XCede® Development Activity

Amphenol InterCon VHDM® Cable and Flex Assemblies are the cable solution complement to Amphenol’s broad VHDM backplane product family. The VHDM backplane system is a 3.125 Gb/second capable connector system on a 2 mm x 2.25 mm grid. Crosstalk is held to less than 5% through the connector. Stripline shielding allows all of the connector’s pins to be used as signals resulting in 101 real signals per linear inch for the 8 row version. The Amphenol InterCon cable and flex assembly products offer similar performance to the backplane connector system while at the same time allowing for much greater system design flexibility than the connector alone.

The cable and flex assemblies are available in 6-row and 8-row product versions mirroring the backplane connector system. Cable assemblies can be designed using a variety of cable wiring options, among them twinax, coax, individual-conductor, and extruded ribbon cables. Both cable and flex assemblies can be designed using a variety of hardware schemes for strain relief, mating guidance, positive retention and latch/ejection.


Amphenol InterCon Systems has teamed up with Amphenol TCS, supplier of high speed backplane connector systems to develop VHDM and XCede® high speed cable assemblies. Through a collaborative effort between Amphenol division’s, Amphenol InterCon systems offers the flexibility of a stackable wafer system, allowing for infinite custom connection options, including power, guidance, and multiple differential pair offerings in both VHDM and XCede® product families. XCede® cable prototypes have been completed and support a 10Gb/s serial data rate in multi-aggressor configurations.

Customizable configuration offerings include:

• Stackable wafer system, mates with industry standard RAM Headers
• High Speed or Power
• Mechanically Rugged
• Available in 6-Row and 8-Row versions (VHDM) and 2PR XCede® (4PR XCede is in development)
• Controlled impedance, skew managed
• 2mm system with shields between rows

Stay tuned for additional XCede updates!